Idän Metsäkone OyBioenergy, timber processing
Vapo Timber OySawMill
Pyhännän Rakennustuote OyHouse elements
Suomen Rakennustuote OyHouse elements
ÄlvsbyhusPrefabricated buildings, house elements
Hätälä OyFish factory, food industry
Sepa OyEurope's leading manufacturer of plate-structured roof trusses
VersowoodManufacturer of glue-laminated wood
Jidea OyComputer aided design systems
Uponor OyFloor heating systems, HVA-equipments
ATS-LithuaniaLithunania's civil aviation control
Coronaria OyMedical publications and equipments
Tarmo-Rakenne OyConstruction- and engineering company
Siikajoen kuntaMunicipality
Tyrnävän kuntaMunicipality
Simon kuntaMunicipality
Kolarin kuntaMunicipality
Suppliers / co-operation companies
Edumedia OyComputer equipment
Byrodata OyComputer equipment
Addi-Data GmbH:nPCI-cards
Telemeganique / Schneider Electric Finland OyLogic control systems
SiemensLogic control systems
OmronLogic control systems
Beijer OyElectrical equipment wholesale firm
ABBElectrical accessories and motor control systems
Ensto OyjElectrical equipment
IFM-electronic OyElectrical equipment
Jokab Safety AbSecurity systems and -relays
SchrackControl relays and other electronic equipments
Onninen OyjElectrical equipment wholesale firm
SLO OyjElectrical equipment wholesale firm
Teknopolis OyjOulu technology center
City of OuluCity
Patentti- ja rekisterihallitusThe National Board of Patents and Registration
YTJ-tietopalveluBusiness Information System

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